tasting notes

Can’t decide? Don’t want to? I have themed boxes for just that reason…

Cupboard Essentials (a mix of six savoury and sweet jars that I think should never be absent from the cupboard; may include The Essential, Sweet Surrender, Blue Rajah, Avalon, California, What Eve Did Next…)

Charmers (six sweet darlings for porridge, cakes, or on their own; may include Hope, Patience, Sympathy, LOLA, What Eve Did Next, Benita, Valentina, Nightingale)

The Big Cheese (six savouries for cheddar, brie, or just crackers; may include Blue Rajah, Fire Swamp Chutney, Tuesday Next, Astoria, Bayou Moon, Grande Rouge… and The Essential)

Have it Both Ways (six jars, three sweet and three savoury)

Mad Hatter Takes Over (I send you six of my own choice from the new, exciting and experimental flavours of the season)

Of course, there’s always the joy of picking your own selection. Below you’ll find tasting notes for SWEET, SAVOURY, and AMBIDEXTROUS jams, jellies, and chutneys. Many of them are subject to seasonal availability, though, so drop me a note at justaddmoonshine@gmail.com or @justaddmoon to see what’s currently available!


ARCADIA: the last of the strawberries meets the first of the quinces, making breakfast a bit magical.

B-p1kyfUUAEynF1BOMBSHELL: a take-no-hostages grab-you-by-the-throat Meyer lemon jam with vanilla bean and passionfruit. If you’re a marmalade fan, this is the next level up.

BONNIE BANE: strawberry-cherry plum jam for sweet sharp girls who have a wild side. Beautiful on toast but don’t rule out cheeses or white meats. Available in Meyer zest & fennel seed, ginger & orange blossom water, and cardamom & vanilla & pepper.

B7HS9O-CMAALb7PCHERRY VELVET: Lush dark cherries simmering with vanilla bean and kissed by rosewater. Excellent on scones, ice-cream, or with yoghurt. Cherries grown by Woodmere Cherries, Windermere.

DOUBLE LEMON MARMALADE: Two varieties of lemons sourced anywhere between Bridport and Devonport and spiked with vanilla-infused Strait vodka. From toast to pineapple ice-cream, this marmalade will see you right through the day.

GILDED BLUSH: with apricots this good you don’t really need to add anything but how about gilding the lily with some saffron and rosewater? The result is a lush jam with delicate floral notes which somehow almost make it savoury.

rhubarb from Colette (by Colette)GRACE: voluptuous Packham Pears snuggle with rhubarb and vanilla bean for a sensuous jam best eaten straight of the jar but also lovely on toast or ice-cream.

GINGERELLA: rhubarb jam packed with chunks of golden delicious apple, ginger, cracked pepper and vanilla; great for toast, scones, crumpets, ice-cream and possibly pavlova. Fair warning, though – this jam uses the green variety of rhubarb… finally I’ve found a green jam to complete the rainbow line-up!

HOPE: wickedly dark cherry jam seething with cardamom, vanilla bean and cracked pepper.

IN THE LIBRARY: Miss Scarlet in the library with the dagger… or the candlestick… or the lead pipe… regardless, I’m a fan and this plum jelly laced with vanilla, star anise and lime is reminiscent of red book bindings and upholstered library furniture.

LOLA: the flirt, the tease, the tart for your toast… cherries and rhubarb tied together by vanilla bean. Suitable for showgirls and divas. May provoke random outbursts of song: whatever L.O.L.A. wants at the coco cocobana…

MRS SMILING: blood plum and feijoa may seem an unlikely mix but it works, oh how it works… dark and fragrant and jazzy with vanilla bean and star anise.

NEFERIKARA: Hang on to summer with a vanilla and cardamom enriched apricot jam. Would make a beautiful ice-cream but great on scones, yoghurt, porridge, toast… and straight from the jar.

elderberriesNIGHTINGALE: a darkly melodic mix of strawberry, elderberry and lime zest.

Norwich 2NORWICH: naughty raspberry jam. Also a nod and a wink to 50’s postal acronyms: there’s SWALK, BURMA, and (k)Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home.

PEAR AU CHOCOLAT: Oh, my. Not an everyday kind of jam, more of a 70% chocolate indulgence. Serve it in the middle of a cake, line a pear tart, smear on a croissant or very ripe King Island Triple Cream or… someone you really love.

PHILAE: a magic carpet ride for your tastebuds! Silky smooth rhubarb-strawberry jam romanced with rosewater and warmed by cardamom.

SHEBA: strawberries meet black currants and flirt with star anise in this tangy lush jam.

SWEET SURRENDER: wild blackberries become sultry when jammed with rhubarb, star anise and a backnote of cardamom. A big, gloriously dark jam fantastic with the scones & cream, icecream, or porridge.

SYMPATHY: sometime you just need it and now you can find sympathy in your pantry or fridge! A soft and soothing apricot jam laced with lavender plus a dash of Strait vodka for get-up-get-on.

TATTY PEACH: these are the white peaches of my childhood, eaten as soon as they show a hint of softness and as sour as sweet. But with a dash of vanilla bean, a sprinkle of cracked pepper and a flourish of rosewater, these tatty peaches become far more adult!

TITANIA: nothing ‘ill-met by moonlight’ about this queenly quince jelly! It hums with ginger, star anise and cracked pepper; the perfect crown for ice-cream, pancakes, toast, cheese and more.

TRIPLE LEMON MARMALADE: JAM classic! Eureka and Meyer lemons spiked with Nuns’ House homemade limoncello for a tender yet fierce marmalade. From toast to pineapple ice-cream, this marmalade will see you right through the day.

B-E_hdbCQAA47mMVALENTINA: treat your sweetie to jam made from heart-shaped ‘stella’ cherries and rhubarb, warmed with star anise and slivers of ginger.

Victoria 3VICTORIA: plums from the delightful Blenheim Inn @ Evandale turn all flirty with star anise, Naked Ginger slivers and cracked pepper. Add some colour to your cheeseboard.

WHAT EVE DID NEXT: gilded apple jelly aswirl with ginger+vanilla / cinnamon+vanilla / lavender+vanilla. Smoosh on toast, melt into warm milk or custard or over a moist cake, scoop bits into trifle or the middle of a sponge, dissolve in a fruit salad…


5 SPICE KUMQUAT: a spoonful of this chutney with cheese or lamb – or alone – and you might end up hiding the jar from your loved ones.

BLUE RAJAH: a tangy, sweet, warm lemon chutney with just the right amount of pucker. Brighten up hot meats, cold meats, cheeses or serve alongside a curry.

CEBOLLA ROJA: red onion jelly to colour your cheeseboard, glaze chicken or ham, or sauce up a stir-fry.

CHILLI PLUM JELLY: Vibrantly red, tangy from the cider vinegar, and with some good heat, this dances with cold meats and cheeses on its own terms, or doubles as a cheery glaze. May even team with seafood.

THE ESSENTIAL: an onion jam for your cheeseboard, steak, or ham and cheese baguette, this really is an essential.

FIRE SWAMP CHUTNEY: plenty of apples and just enough chilli to tingle the back of your tongue.

Grande Rouge 2GRANDE ROUGE: tomato jam with an almost Mexican influence thanks to cinnamon, salt, chilli and lime juice. Great on toast with or without cheese, and also steak.

KOCHANSKI: spicy tomato based chutney… or soup base, or curry paste substitute. Packed with ginger, cumin, chilli and mustard seed it should warm you from the inside out.

ROSEMARY PEPPER: looks festive, glows prettily, and is full of fruity heat thanks to native pepper harvested from Cradle Mountain. Try it with lamb, mmmm.

SIR TOM PEACH: tomato and peach chutney? Well, they are both fruits! And the chutney is great on ham sandwiches.


Avalon first dayAVALON: still in my top 5 personal favourites despite the last few weeks of mad inventing. A glowing lush apple jam spiced with the now classic JAM mix of cardamom+pepper+vanilla. Straight from the fridge, one spice will dominate but toasty warmth will bring out the rest. Try with yoghurt on crepes, alongside pork, or in the middle of a cake.

BALTHAZAR: golden plum jelly shimmering with ginger, star anise and cinnamon; a worthy gift of a wise king.

ITALIAN PLUM: Prunes are sexy! Or they are when the Prune plums, also known as Italian plums, are jammed with fennel seed. Gorgeous with soft cheese, and slow-cooked shanks or pork.

Limelight 2LIMELIGHT: lime jelly starred with elderberries and laced with smooth Strait vodka… an edible lava lamp for your toast.

MARCH QUEEN: A roadside jelly concocted from wild blackberries and rogue apples. Deeply purple, spiced unexpectedly with basil, this is lovely on rye bread or with roast lamb and potatoes.

Matilda_010MATILDA: okay, I’m smitten… I love the look of this jelly! There’s something steampunk about the swirls and loops of lemongrass suspended in the pale golden-pink apple jelly, with shimmers of ginger and flashes of mint. Try it with lamb for a ‘Waltzing Matilda’ tribute or pork (roast and cutlets), dissolve in hot water for a tasty ‘tea’ or simply slather it on sourdough.

MERRILYN: a feisty savoury jam composed of pears, rosemary, native pepper and a dash of gin to lend a racy flavour to cheeseboards and meats.

Serenity_028SERENITY: a tree-specific, therefore limited edition jam… only 22 jars of yellow cherry plum goodness, humming with cinnamon, cardamom and pepper. Amazing with cheese or pork.

TRESORA: brilliant yellow Mexican crab apples tingle with ginger and Tahitian limes. Melt over crumpets, dissolve in hot water or soda water for a tangy drink, or pair with roast beef.

Wolf ChildWOLF CHILD: gorgeous cherry plum jam dashed with fennel seeds and cracked pepper, and infused with bay leaves from the garden. Try it with cheese, pork, lamb, or of course, wood-fired sourdough.

**ALL products are free of gluten, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

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